Self Managed Traineeships

With a Self Managed Traineeship you are responsible for managing the Traineeship including finding an Apprenticeship Network provider, hiring the Trainee, training and paying correct wages (based on the Training Wage) as well as obtaining any State and Commonwealth Government incentives you may be eligible for.

First Steps

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network is your first point of contact for self managed Traineeships — you cannot start a Traineeship without an Apprenticeship Network provider. The Australian Government contracts eleven Apprenticeship Network providers to deliver support services from around 400 locations nationally.

Apprenticeship Network providers give advice and support services from pre-commencement to completion. Find out more about Apprenticeship Network provider support services.

Commonwealth Government Incentives

The Australian Government provides employers with funding of between $750 and $4,000 to employ an Apprentice or Trainee. Find out more about traineeship funding.



Self Managed Traineeship Enquiry