Job Roles

International Freight Forwarders help exporters and importers move goods quickly and easily around the world. They don’t physically move the goods themselves, instead they act as an intermediary, connecting exporters, importers, Government Regulators and various transportation services like shipping, air freight, road transport, and rail. Without Freight Forwarders, everything would just grind to a halt.

The main job roles are Import, Export, Customs Brokerage, Cartage, Warehousing and Customer Service/Sales. In practice though, most jobs are a combination of more than one of these.


Part of the Freight Forwarding team in the origin country. The Export Operator helps the Exporter (sender) organise and send the shipment.

Negotiate freight rates on behalf of the Exporter and Importer

Arrange booking with the international carrier and pick-up from the Exporter

Organise permits, export documentation and export clearance with customs and border authorities

Organise equipment, shipping services, carriers, transport mode etc.

Cargo inspections

Pay freight and port charges on behalf of Importers and Exporters

Apply knowledge of exporting and importing laws, regulations, and prohibitions

Communicate at all times with the Exporter and Importer to keep updated


Part of the Freight Forwarding team in destination country, the Import Operator works with the Importer (receiver), Customs Broker and overseas Export Operator (from the origin country).

Make sure the Importer (receiver) and Customs Broker are aware of the expected arrival date, delivery progress and any delays

Work with the Customs Broker to complete customs and quarantine clearances

Arrange for cargo to be moved, unpacked and made available to the importer for pick up

Pay local port charges on behalf of the importer, invoicing and collection of freight and other charges from Importer and/or their Customs Broker

Manage documentation, order tracking and reporting


Part of the Freight Forwarding team in THE destination country. A Licensed Customs Broker works with the Import Operator and Importer and occasionally the Customer Service Operator. A Customs Broker represents Importers and Exporters to ensure compliance with all regulations

Ensure compliance with Customs & Biosecurity laws and regulations

Provide advice concerning Australian laws and import and export regulations

Prepare Import and Export Customs Declarations

Pay local port charges on behalf of the importer, invoicing and collection of freight and other charges from Importer and/or their Customs Broker

Calculate, advise and pay Customs Duty & GST on behalf of the Importer.

Arrange customs and quarantine inspections


Part of the freight forwarding team responsible for arranging road transport. The Cartage Operator arranges delivery of the cargo to the Importer, but may also organise pick-up from the exporter.

Arrange the collection and delivery of ocean containers, air freight and general cargo

Arrange Biosecurity unpacks, inspections and fumigation

Organise necessary documentation and scheduling of collection/delivery


Part of the Freight Forwarding team in the origin or destination country. The Warehouse Operator ensures the safe handling, storage and transport of shipments, under their responsibility.

Facilitate the receival, movement, storage, inspection and dispatch of the physical goods within the warehouse

Responsible for ensuring accurate documentation and recording of movements within the warehouse

Ensure segregation of goods within the warehouse depending of type, security inspection and customs requirements

Organise the warehouse to ensure optimal use of available space

Operate and maintain equipment – forklifts, automated scanners, scales, security screening, hoists, conveyors, chillers etc

Communicate at all times with the export and import teams, keeping them updated with the status of their client’s freight

Ensure compliance with local laws and regulations

Apply knowledge of work place occupational health and safety laws

Provide exceptional customer service, written and verbal

Work within a team


Part of the Freight Forwarding Team in the destination country. Customer Service and Sales work with the Importer, the Export Agent in origin country (sender) and occasionally the Import Operator and Customs Broker in destination country (receiver).

Take bookings for shipments and follow-up purchase orders

Monitor freight rates, provide quotations and provide information needed for the customer to make decisions regarding the type of freight service to use

Act as the link between import/export operations and the client


Respond to queries from the client or operational staff

Keeping Importer updated on shipment progress and alert client to arriving shipments

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