Industry Managed Traineeships

National Qualifications are the basis of every Traineeship and have been developed through close consultation with industry. In addition, every Traineeship can be tailored to your business and sector.

How it Works

  • The Group Training Company develops a short list of potential Trainees from it’s own database, recruitment advertising or programs such as Make Your Move.
  • You help select your Trainee(s) in conjunction with the Group Training Company.
  • Your Trainee is employed by the Group Training Company which handles all payroll and administration, including liaison with relevant State and Commonwealth government departments.
  • Training is provided by the Group Training Company
    off-the-job and/or online and/or by other digital means.
  • Your company provides on-the-job training as the Trainee works with your business and under your company’s supervision.
  • Traineeships normally last from 18 months to 2 years.
  • The Group Training Company may provide pre-employment training if that helps the process.
  • The Group Training Company monitors and mentors your Trainee from recruitment to graduation and provides your company with regular updates on what the Trainee is studying, and how they are going.
  • Training is timed, tailored and contextualised to your business and your procedures.

Advantages of a Fully Managed Industry Traineeship


Significantly reduced paperwork and associated administration overheads for your business.


The Group Training Companies are specialists in the broader International Logistics, Trade, and Transportation industry with considerable experience hiring, training, managing and arranging hosting of Trainees*.


Avoiding the complexity of a system that is effectively 8 different State/Territory training systems coupled with a Commonwealth system.


Very cost-effective arrangements when the time saved by your business in administration, training and meetings are taken into account.

*The Group Training Companies that provide training and employment for Fully Managed Industry Traineeships can also provide many other training services including: Training for other staff (including skills gap training), training where traineeships are not available, and short course government funded training (where available).


It’s easy to find the right Traineeship matching the specific needs of your business ⁠— just enter your State and Industry Sector in the search tool below: